Kenyans Demand KRA To Recall ‘Satanic’ Plate

An innocent man posing before his cars has waged social media outrage based on his suggestive number plate on two cars.

His Range Rover and Mercedes Benz plates both reads ‘LUC 1F 3R’ a number that has been loosely translated to mean LUCIFER, a satanic name belonging to one of the gods worshiped by cult followers of Illuminati.

Kenyans wondered Kenya Revenue Authority’s morality of allowing such a plate to pass, KRA has the mandate of issuing plates,

Cases of Illuminati gaining massive wealth has been in the country but no single individual has been held accountable for being a cult follower in Kenya.

Even though 2010 Katiba provides for the freedom of worship and association, practicing satanic activities and witchcraft is a crime and one can be prosecuted under the law

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