KTN’s Ken Mijungu Launches Chopper Hiring Business

KTN’s new anchor and former NTV newsman Ken Mijungu has ventured into business and he will be hiring off choppers to Kenya’s top brass.

However, Mijungu might just serve as an agent or rather brand ambassador, since the capital involved in venturing in helicopter business is big and massive.

Announcing on his account, the leasing of choppers will be done at Ksh.180,000 per hour.

“The choppers operate all over the country, they are based at Wilson, 5 at our disposal plus a private jet. We target anyone who loves luxury,” Mijungu said.

Mijungu noted that their main target were politicans and Kenya’s rich club.

Most people who rent out the choppers are politicians but also individuals who want to get to their location using minimal time.”

He further added that his consultancy was also leasing out high-end vehicles, yacht and private jets.

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