List Of Best Paying Schools In Kenya To Work For On BOM Terms

The following schools have been voted the best schools in the 2019 teachers poll.

The schools are said to have very firm principals when it comes to duties. They are also one of the highest paying schools.

They pay salary on time. Offer good meals.Pay salary timely.

And have above average performance.

The principals are very supportive and uphold contract agreements.

The list include

1. Matuga girls-Kwale

2. Mazeras Girls- Kwale

3. Ribe girls-Kilifi

4. St Johns- Kilifi

5. Marereni sec-Kilifi

6. Kingwede girls-Kwale

7. Kwale Girls

9. Kwale Boys

10. Shimo la tewa-Mombasa

11. Mama Ngina-Mombasa

12. Waa Boys-Kwale

13. Waa girls-Kwale

14. Franz Josef Mamba girls-Kwale

15. Leisure Rondwe(Private)-Kwale

16. Lulu High(private)-Kwale

17. Samburu sec-Kwale

18.Moi kadzonzo- Kilifi

19.Mariakani sec -Kifili

20. Ngala Memorial Watamu-Kilifi

21. Ribe Boys-Kilifi

22.Kombeni girls-Kilifi

23. Kayatiwi school-Kwale

24. Qubaa High(private)-Mombasa

25. Kakoneni girls

Special category award


-1.Mazeras Girls


-1. Kaya Tiwi

2. Kwale girls

3. St Johns


-1. Mazeras girls


-1. Ribe Boys (public)

2. Lulu high(private)


– 1. Matuga Girls


– 1.Mazeras Girls

2. Ribe Boys


-1.Kwale High

2. Matuga girls

3.Mama ngina

All the principals of these schools were said to be very supportive in terms of teacher capacity development.

They posses high standards of professionalism in curriculum implementation.


This is representation of teachers experience and shared view in teachers forum (Telegram,WhatsApp).These schools stands to be first choices for both local and upcountry teachers.

Source- WhatsaApp and Telegram

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