List Of Kenyan Celebs Who Have Graduated In 2019

The year 2019 seems to be the year, most of Kenyan young and upcoming celebs are getting conferred with their degrees in various fields of study.

From the months of May, Youth Village Kenya noted that a handful number of celebs had graduated.

Check the list below.

MP Paul Mwirigi

Kenya’s youngest MP aged only at 25 years old, MP Paul Mwirigi graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 2019

The Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi was part of the graduands during the during the Mount Kenya University’s 16th graduation ceremony held at the Thika main campus on Friday, August 9.

In 2017 when he was declared the winner of the general elections in Igembe area, he was a third year student at the same university.


Almasi aka Ian Munene Kanini graduated with a degree from UK based top university known as University of Kent, 2019

The good news was first made public through Instagram by the former Machachari actor Almasi himself.

“I just wanted to say, thank you, thank you, and thank you a hundred and eight times to every single person who has you know, congratulated me for this endeavor. It’s been a group milestone; I didn’t do this by myself.

He thanked his family members and friends for the word of encouragement and help they accorded to him.

This came as a result of everyone being around me, giving me positive vibes and positive energy. And the ones spreading positive energy are showing us that they will always be there for regardless.

“And that we need to toughen up and just move on and be keep strong,” he said.

His close family members were close to him during the graduation ceremony.

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Degree… done!

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MC Jessy

Chruchill Show comedian MC Jessy graduated at Daystar University in Nairobi with a bachelors degree on June 29, 2019.

A happy Jessy took to the Instagram to thank God who helped him sail through the mucky winds of education.

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To God be the glory

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He did not forget to encourage his schoolmate comedian Jalangó aka Jalas to continue with his studies until he graduates.

Jalas would later congratulate him and wish him all the very best.

“Many moons have passed since my brother told me talent without school is nothing. Today the truth just dawned on me when I saw this pic of my brother in a gown,” Wrote Jalas

The Milele FM Presenter, Jalas also took his fans down the memory lane on how MC Jessy contributed to his advanced studies, when he almost gave up everything to the wind.

“The pressure from Kizito who was the PR manager at Daystar and that of Jessy sent me to register in 2013 yet I joined three years later. Jessy kept on pushing me to register and I kept wondering what for? I had a career, I had connections. Why did I need to go to school? Today is another reason! So I just registered so that Jessy would not disturb me,” Jalang’o recalled.

Jeremy Kiuna

Jeremy Kiuna graduated from a UK based high school during the end of May, 2019.

The high school graduate, is a son to Reverend Kathy Kiuna and husband, Bishop Allan Kiuna of the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) based in Nairobi Kenya.

Jeremy sparked screams, applauds and salutations from grounds when he rose to pick his certificate at the podium of  New Manchester High School

“My boy y’all. The graduation was too awesome. To see them give him a standing ovation brought all sorts of feelings. For a boy who was born at 6 months and could fit on the palm of my hand, to come this far by God’s grace? How can I have enough words to express my gratitude? Only God. Only God. Only God could do this. Gloooooory,” Rev. Kathy said.

Rev. Kathy had wrote a heartfelf message to his son when he turned 18 years old.

“My son was born prematurely at 6 months at only 1.1kg. He was anaemic and went through a blood transfusion in his tiny frame. He was covered in pipes from his head all the way down and we couldn’t see his face. Looking at his little body there seemed to be no hope. He was born a fighter thou and no matter what was thrown at him he always fought back and surprised all of us including the doctors,” she wrote.

According to the mother of two girls and one son, Jeremy is doing so well in class with high flying scores.

“Jeremy’s story cannot fit in one book. He has a heart that can fit the entire universe. He loves deeply and is extremely sharp. So informed that you can engage him in any conversation and he’ll take you on. Straight A student that graduates and goes to university next year. He turns 18 this weekend and for me to say happy birthday without giving you a little background of why you should celebrate with us would be unfair. So I don’t just wish you a happy birthday as a cliché my son. It is from the fiber of my being. I love you more than words can say,” Kathy added

Stephanie Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto daughter, Stephanie Jepchumba, graduated on Friday, June 28 with a degree in law from Strathmore University.

Stephanie was among the thousands of other graduands at the varsity’s event graced by her mum Rachel Ruto.

“Congratulations to Stephanie Ruto on your graduation from Strathmore University with a degree in Law. Your dedication, hard work, self-sacrifice, and God’s grace has triumphed. As you join your peers in the legal profession, may you stand with the tenets of justice, fidelity, and impartiality,” wrote DP Ruto.


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