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10 Long-Term Kenyan Celebrity Couples That Prove Marriage Isn’t Always The Key To A Successful Relationship

Marriage can be easily defined as a formal union when a man and a woman come together to formalize a love relationship through civil, traditional or religious wedding .

Such is seen as a normal way of leading a successful relationship. But there are Kenyan celebs who are redefining the norms

Despite being just couples in their relationship without undergoing any form of the above weddings, they have stayed longer and true to each other.

Interestingly, many marriages that they have witnessed and even attended have crumpled in few years leaving their union with strong pillars of love.

Here are a list of such celebs

Bien Baraza and Chiki Kuruka

The couple who are believed to be planning a wedding in 2019, have stayed true to each other despite not committing each other through the vows

The Nigerian lady, Chiki met Bien about five years ago for the first time in a club after an introduction by a friend, fashion designer Emmanuel Jambo.

They exchanged contacts and the rest as they say, is history.

Chiki and Bien have been relationship goals for most of their fans.

In fact they dated for a year before going public

King Kaka And Nana Owiti

Rapper King Kaka only proposed to Nana Owiti in 2018, but plans are underway to wed the mother of his kid.

Kaka had an affai before with Sage Chemutai, together they had a kid.

But the relationship goals fans can learn from King Kaka and Owiti are way far beyond our imagination.

Nevertheless the duo a re planning a wedding in 2019

Tracy Wanjiru and Michael Kebede

Tracy and Mike hope to be legally married in 2019.

But besides, the two lovebirds have been relationship goals for many of their Instagram fans.

Not married and their relationship sweet and adorable.

Ben Pol And Anerlisa Mungai

Ben Pol said that after proposing to Anerlisa in 2018, wedding was a thing for them, but since then nothing seems to be in plan.

But there had been strong indication about the two walking down the aisle in 2019.

The Tanzanian music star Ben Pol and Keroche princess are nonetheless very serious couples in town.

Ben Cyco and Wanjiru Njiru

Not known to many Kenyan fans, but the you tube couples always share remarkable relationship goals on you tube.

One key lesson for them, is privacy in relationship and managing public attention.

Natalie Tewa and Rnaze

Rnaze aka Moses Rnaze Mukiibi, from Uganda, is planning to wed Natalie, a Kenyan vlogger.

Rnaze and Natalie first came to limelight through a nasty break up. But would soon bury their hatchet and make a common ground for their relationships.

Something that many married couples have failed to achieve in past decades.

Rnaze and Natalie could be hitched up in 2019

DJ Sunman and Anita Nderu

The two couples have been travelling wide and far across the globe together.

Anita who was born with a Kikuyu parent and a Somali parent, is hoping to wed light skin man DJ Sunman

The two have been in a long relationship yet they remain within strong marriage bonds.

Diamond And Tanasha

Diamond and Natasha are on romance high gear, and with a baby on board, they are not planning a wedding anytime soon.

Natasha on the other hand, is comfortable with the situation.

In 2018, it was highly thought that 2019 was their wedding moment.

Lilian Muli and Jared Nevaton

Apart from public engagements and proposals, Lilian Muli relationship to Shabana FC boss and Tycoon Jared Nevaton has never gone to a wedding scenario in public.

Lilian Muli has however had a kid for Jared, since the formal divorce from Moses Kanene.

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