How To Write A Formal Email

In the following article we will see how to write a professional email in a formal context and give some tips to take into account when planning its preparation.

1. Subject

The subject is the title of the email. It must be concrete (no more than thirty or forty characters) and go straight to the point. It is important to highlight the truly relevant, trying to express a lot in a small space so that the recipient can quickly identify the interest and importance of the subject.

2. Introduction / heading

If you do not have confidence with the person who will be the recipient of the email, start the initial greeting in the most formal way possible.

For example, call him by his last name. If on the contrary you know the person well there is no problem in addressing the name.

While many believe that electronic mail lends itself to more informality, it is important not to see the sight of the fact that the beginning of an email fulfills certain functions, such as assuring the recipient that the message is addressed to him, and on the other hand making the communication is less distant.

3. Mail body

Depending on whether you write in the name of the company or personally and the number of recipients that are part of that email, the tone and style of the message will be decided.

In this part of the mail it is important to start by mentioning what information the recipient should know. To achieve this it is important that before writing we have clear what we want to obtain with the mailing and what is our position. You have to be careful not to open many thematic fronts and try to be precise.

At the time of writing it is better to try with short sentences and short paragraphs. If possible, try to write short emails that do not exceed one hundred lines.

4. End / Closing

The email has a farewell less formal than the formal letter. It will be enough to put: “Greetings”, “Cordially”, “Cordial greetings” or “Sincerely”, to then place our signature, which will include our name and our contact information, so that the person can choose different alternatives in case that want to contact us

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