‘Even Poor Donkey’s Run Away From Our Poverty’. 10 Facts About Atlanta Based Gospel Singer Naomi Karanja

Popularly known for her hit song, ‘Muhotoro’ Naomi Karanja is such an exemplary true story of having faith in God even when you wake up on the next day and you sure their is low chances of sleeping under a roof.

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She credits all her success to the favors of God whom she got devoted to in her hay days while she was still living at her home in Molo.

Here are facts that will reignite your low self esteem in 2017.

  1. Based in Georgia, her first hit was Muhotoro. The song is so prolific and cuts across all tribal lines despite being in Gikuyu dialet
  2. Her other songs include Tiga Niwe Ngai, Mwihotoro, Mwendwa, Thaburi 91, Thahabu
  3. She is married with 4 kids after losing her first born on natural death
  4. The singer is based in Atlanta, which is in Georgia USA
  5. She has lived in Nakuru and Nairobi before moving to US in 2001.
  6. She also works with Radio Jambo network, an online podcast.
  7. She released her first album Thahabu in 2008 in USA being jammed with her US fans.
  8. She led a poor lifestyle during her initial stay in Kenya and even when she was growing up in Molo
  9. She performed a exceptional and electronic performance at at St Andrews PCEA Church
  10. She grew up in a Full Gospel Church ministries.

Here us her hit song.


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