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Man Caught Selling Cat Meat Arrested

A man only identified as Martin Murimi was caught selling Samosa’s which were cooked using Cat Meat. City Council Askaris from Nairobi County nabbed Murimi who was dwelling in Eastleigh regions.

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If you like taking Samosa, you might not like Murimi, but believe it or not, you might have fallen a victim of his illegal business in Kenya, which he has done for a couple of unknown days or months or even years.

Surprisingly, he was caught skinning the cat, as for now he remains detained at Central Police Station according to Robinson Thuku.

Cat meat has only proved valuable during war time, where people have exhausted every other edible meat or food.

Some parts of China, Cameroon, Switzerland and India consume cat meat even though the habit of eating cat meat has been declared illegal in many parts of the world.

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