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Meet Lucy Gatimu, A Single Mother Making A Living On Twitter As A House-maid

Lucy Gatimu is a single mother living in Nairobi trying to make ends as a house help.

But the middle aged woman is not your normal house maid as you might think.

Lucy Gatimu can be best described as a Twitter maid, who sources her high end clients with favourable prices for the sole reason of cleaning their clothes, houses among other house chore duties.

Lucy does not command a huge number of followers on Twitter, but with just her powerful and persuasive tweets, she is making a living in the murky waters of Kenya’s unemployment menace.

Instead of just sitting and demanding child support from the believed dead-beat father of her kids, Lucy is solving her unemployment status in unusual way.

Check out some of her tweets, and don’t forget to give her a job if need be!

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