Men Or Women, Who Are The Most Unfaithful?

It is always known that many relationships have to coexist with infidelity. It has always been thought that men are the most active in this being unfaithful and that women have less practice by putting the horns. And we have always thought that there is something in this matter that is not counted. We are asking ourselves who are most unfaithful, whether men or women.

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It seems that women are more unfaithful than men. We do not say it, says a survey by the sex toy erotic Sex Place in which the balance of infidels is slightly inclined on the side of women. 48% of men confess to having been unfaithful, while the percentage of women practitioners and confessors rises to 52%.

We dare to assume another scenario in which the balance is balanced, but men are less honest in confessing that they have deceived their partner on occasion. Even if we talk about infidelity, honesty has little to do. If we look at the data of the survey we can get our hands on the head and think of the large number of infidels that exist or we can recognize that infidelity is common practice within the couple.

And what do we do with infidelity?

But recognizing that infidelity is there, planning on the relationship as a partner, does not mean that we do not worry or that we do not try to improve the situation. That is why it is important to review some aspects of infidelity.

1. The infidelity, although normalized, is still a deceit to the other person and supposes a loss of confidence that never recovers.

2. 99% of infidelity cases are not forgivable. Forgiving your partner or your partner forgives you is not profitable because the deception leaves irreparable fissures.

3. If the most common reasons for infidelity are the routine within the couple and the self-esteem that makes you feel wanted by another person, maybe we should work more on those aspects within the couple.

4. But there are infidelities that occur without a specific motive except the lack of commitment to the couple and the lack of honesty, and there we can do absolutely nothing to avoid it, whether we suffer infidelity or if we commit it.

5. To be unfaithful, it must be clear that an infidelity is never confessed, never. Wait until they get you, if it ever happens.

6. Special attention to professions such as teachers, health personnel, lawyers and pilots who are the most prone to infidelity.

7. Theories that claim that infidelity is genetic have the goal of minimizing the responsibility of individual action. Being unfaithful can be avoided if you want.

8. More and more voices are raised against the unfeasibility of monogamy, voices to take very into account.

9. There is only one way to avoid infidelity and is to eliminate sexual exclusivity within the couple. Open couples do not know about infidelity.

And you, have you ever been unfaithful? Or, maybe you’ve been cheated by your partner?




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