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Merchants Of Impunity- Mercedes Driver Takes A Humble Pie

The heavy rains have secretly invaded Nairobians despite the MET department sounding a warning that the heavy rains will continue to be experienced.

But for Nairobi commuters, heavy rains is a green-light of traffic snarl-ups punctuated with driving madness majorly overlapping and careless driving .

Well, a Mercedes Benz driver had a long day after he was blocked by an innocent pedestrian from the virtue of overlapping.

Even though the culprits are just few, their presence is so huge and disturbing to everyone.

The pedestrian labelled as David Lemayan, has rekindled the debate over Nairobi driving menace as a result of heavy rains.

It is also a shame, since drivers of posh cars are thought to be well mannered and disciplined while on the roads.

Twitter handlers took to internet to shame and try to identify the culprit

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