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Miguna Miguna Trolls Orengo For Poor Grammar In A Tweet And Ends Up Making The Same Error Too

Miguna Miguna is well known for his pontification and majoring on the little details.

He has an art in creating a storm in a tea cup and acting as the sheriff on everyone’s case. This time round he took his policing to the twitter TL of James Orengo where the Senator had made an error in his tweet announcing his appointment by CORD to a committee to chart the way forward on the IEBC matter.




Miguna Miguna was swift in his correction and blasting of the senator for making the error.




Well instead of using the correct pronoun ‘me’ he instead used ‘I’ in his correction making the correct expression to be “Cord has nominated Eseli Simiyu and me to lead….” a It seems the urge to correct was too much and maybe he too needs to do the reading.



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