Millie Odhiambo Chides ‘Young Boy’ Who Tried To Flatter And Seduce Her

Fiery ODM MP Millie Odhiambo has given scintillating perfect answer to a man she describes as a young boy who complemented her and even went ahead to seduce her .

The man who has not been disclosed by the married MP is said to even gone ahead to cause attention from the public just to create a relationship with the no joking MP.

It is then that the MP warned him and threatened to report him to the relevant authorities if he went ahead and crossed her red lines.

She hard the warning message with the social media users.

Millie is married to a man from Zimbabwe Mr.Mabona

When you are a public figure you have to listen to all manner of things. Like a young man calling severally yesterday on…

Posted by Millie Mabona on Monday, February 19, 2018




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