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Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Declares Friday As The Kenyan African Attire Day

All Fridays from tomorrow have been declared as Kenyan and African attire day by Kenya’s┬áministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Political and Diplomacy Secretary Tom Amolo ,the move is behind improving the awareness of Kenya’s culture and tradition.

“This is to generate interest in the country heritage which ultimately leads to clearer mindset about our past and robust projection to our future,” Amolo said.

Amolo continued by urging all Kenyans to observe the day by showing out the rich culture fashioned in our traditions.

“The ethos of this re-engagement speaks to an assertion of an affirmative African narrative that defines us and insists that at its core, manifestations and reflections are at its best.”

According to the diplomat, clothing is a tool for self expression, social activism, and public diplomacy

“World leaders often wear traditional clothing to interact with foreign publics and to advance cultural understanding,”

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