Mombasa Rd Century Traffic Jam Leaves Motorists More Than 13 Hours Stranded In Rain

Heavy rain downpour and a vehicle breakdown left motorists stranded for 12 hours overnight on Athi River, along Mombasa Road.


Around 6pm on Sunday, April 24th, a trailer broke down near the Athi River. This forced some motorist to start overlapping on both lanes to beat the jam that was building up.

It didn’t work out too well for them, as the road got choked from Maanzoni towards Nairobi and from Mlolongo.

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According to Traffic Commandant Jecinta Kinyua, motorists had to be woken up in the wee hours of the morning from their cars where they slept.

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Some of them were stuck in the mud following rains in the process blocking the way. We had to go there to even wake up some drivers who had slept in their vehicles,” Kinyua said as told by The Standard.

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