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Top 10 Lifeless Tracks Of The Late Icon Of Rhumba

The late Lingala music icon had so many lively  music that even when it was performed by an amateur band, the fans will still feel the music flavour. His music crossed wide and far through the county borders of Kenya.

Papa-wemba YVK

Here is the list of his music that really seem to be immortal.

Most Popular Songs

1 Abu Pia lyrics
2 O Koningana lyrics
3 Mi Amor lyrics
4 Ol Dies Are Goodies lyrics
5 Nani Temoin lyrics
6 De Stin Ya Moto lyrics
7 Bakala Dia Kuba lyrics
8 Référence lyrics
9 Sai Sai lyrics
10 Soul Gbemani lyrics

Most Popular Albums


Best Of Papa Wemba [2006]


Molokai [2008]

3 M’zee Fula-Ngenge [2000]
4 Legend [2002]
5 Bakala Dia Kuba [2001]
6 Nouvelle Ecriture [2007]

Somo Trop [2003]

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