My Husband Bought Me This Dress – Passaris Responds To Salvage Troll

A concerned Kenyan, got the attention of Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris after trolling her on one of her famous nasty dress.

The black dress, which Passaris used years ago, shows her inner line of legs to waist clearly visible through the half-see-through dress.

But who cared, Passaris unapologetically told the tweep off that her ex husband Pius Mbugua is the one who had bought the dress.

Her recent statement, did not match the reason she gave when the photo first came online through another concerned Kenyan.

“To promote transparency in her campaigns and project such in her future Nairobi Government, our darling here has decided to wear transparent clothes.”

Then Passaris claimed that her photo had been photoshoped

“I go out of network for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. Are we so idle? Is bashing each other or others a profession? Anyway, It’s strange to be quoted when I have not given nor do I intend to give any comments on photo shopped images from the Miss World Launch I attended last week.”

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