Nairobi Woman Evicts Sister Who Was ‘Confusing’ Her Hubby With Skimpy Dresses

A woman from Tassia area located in Embakassi estate is aid to have evicted her sister around 9 am yesterday on allegations that she was seducing her hubby with ‘sexually’ revealing clothes.

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The Nairobi woman who caused the night drama, Faith Mutinda is said to have returned home at around the same hour before she began throwing the belongings of her sister from the forth flour to the ground level.

The fateful lady identified only as Nduku collected her belongings and left the crime scene immediately. It was also known that she was a form three student at a nearby day school.

Nduku however dismissed the allegations noting that her sister was never short of drama especially after having a few bottles of alcohol.

Neighbors who witnessed the scene also said that the lady in question was fond of skimpy dresses and cologne even when she was going to the shop or taking her house chores

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