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New Technologies That Help Us Save In Banks

The receipt of light, gas, water, Internet … All these bills have us fried and we have no choice but to face it when it touches. Surely as a smart consumer you have selected the price of light and gas that best fits your needs and you will have implemented tricks to reduce the consumption of certain appliances you have at home. But you can do more to save on your bills. How? Helping you with new technologies.


The automation of systems such as lighting or controlled heating from the ‘smartphone’ itself is one of the trends of the moment and that can more favor the energy saving. One of the options that we have at our disposal at the moment is the installation of devices that allow to control the consumption. They are known as consumer monitors and can save up to 18 percent on your light bill.

Meters of consumption

We can use, for example, meters of total consumption that inform us of how much energy we use throughout the house at all times. In addition, they allow us to keep track of that consumption for months, weeks, days, etc. The information is downloaded to the computer in the form of data tables and graphs. Knowing the consumption of each appliance we can better deal with the problems we have with our bills, take measures to reduce energy consumption and even know if it is necessary to change some appliance for another more efficient.


Another way to save is to install a smart thermostat. They take into account the characteristics of your home as well as your consumption habits and give the user the ability to control the temperature of your home from a simple mobile application. The appliances heat the house to the temperature previously indicated and is responsible for lowering the temperature when you leave home, so energy efficiency and cost savings are guaranteed.

Do not miss these’apps’ on your mobile

Of course, we can also tap into mobile applications to optimize power consumption. Here we propose three that work very simple and offer very visual data.

Boltio: The user can know which is the best time to realize certain consumptions, as well as what is the price of light in real time and puts at the disposal of the user a list of the consumption of the most common appliances according to the time we select. This application is free and we can be very useful.

Light + Price: This application advises us and informs about the cost of electricity in each time zone, so that we organize and put the laundry, for example, when it is more economical, allowing us to even set alarms. In addition, through the price history, also tells us the approximate amount of the invoice that will arrive.

This application shows all the information in a very visible way for the user and can really be of great help to plan the daily consumption and save on the invoice. It’s free and available to Android users.

Price of light: It is also a very visual application that provides information in real time of the cost of light. The application warns the user through notifications of the times of the day in which the light has a lower price, so that this can take advantage to put the dishwasher or do the laundry. This is where savings occur. This is a good way to control the energy expenditure and therefore the bill of the light.

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