NTV Reporter Replies Over His Conduct During Ethiopian Airplane Crash

NTV Reporter has regretted and apologized over his controversial conduct during the last weekend’s Ethiopian Airline Crash.

After reporting, he was seen cleaning smoke from himself, something that never went down well with Kenyans.

¨I would never intentionally trivialise death, or even injury; it is simply not my person, heart or intention.¨ the NTV journalist expressed.

¨I offer my unreserved apology to all the families, friends, and all others who I – unintentionally – offended¨ he concluded.

Some Kenyans had already expressed their disappointment in his act

¨I think what disgusted me most other than the graphics was the little dramatisation you pulled at the end as you walked away!¨

¨You are so insensitive! You should resign. What a gaffe!¨ Catherine Njue expressed, unimpressed.

¨Journalism should never become entertainment, apologies are good but the damage you did to your reputation maybe permanent.¨ David Githu echoed on Twitter.

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