Police Arrest The Car Owner That Dumped Unconscious Woman In Roysambu , Nairobi

After a frantic search, NTSA and the police have arrested the owner of the car which had dumped a lady who had gone into a trance in Roysambu, located in the Nairobi area.

The owner of the Honda Station wagon KCB 697T is suspected  to have dumped the lady before speeding off when he noticed that he was being recorded by the witnesses.

“Earlier this evening, The driver of this Car KCB 697T dumped an unconscious lady, by the road side at Roysambu. While taking off, the driver realised people were taking photos, he got out of the car pretending to be a concerned citizen, with the Commotion, he managed to take off… Share this widely so we can catch this…

Recently, the public in Nairobi have turned a good eye against themselves, and they seem to be good neighbors in the city, rather than before when things could go wrong as they watched in distance.

Especially on social media, which has helped to search for criminals even after they had escaped.



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