How The Moon Influences Your Love Relationships

You do not always have the same predisposition for love. Sometimes you feel more hungry, other times you think you’re unlucky. Although many consider it a superstition, the moon also affects your relationship and it is important to control the lunar phases to be able to take the reins of love life. We tell you how the moon influences your love and sexual relationships.
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How the moon influences your love relationships

Surely you knew that the moon influences agriculture, tides, births and even the growth of hair and nails. It is popular wisdom that does not always have the support of science, but with thousands of years of experience. And if the moon affects so many areas of life, the logical thing is that it also influences relationships.

Aside from the fact that on those few occasions when we can see an eclipse we enjoy it with our partner in a more romantic print than in any Hollywood movie, the phases of the moon have much to say in our relationship. Have a partner or you are single, attentive to what the moon can do for your love life.

The power of the new moon in your love relationships

1. New Moon. The new moon symbolizes the beginning of the cycle, the rebirth or renewal. For single people is the best time for that first contact. Not the first date, but those first conversations that arise by chat now that the most habitual is to connect by Internet. If you are lucky enough to flirt in a bar, people you meet during the new moon will have many chances to become part of your life.

The new moon is also influenced by couples. As it is a phase of initiation or renewal, it is the ideal time to take one more step in the relationship, such as commitment, coexistence or, why not, marriage. You do not have to rush to get married on this new moon, by deciding it is enough, that there will be more new moons to put it into practice. It is also a good time to identify and recognize those couple problems that you have intuited for some time.
The power of the rising moon in your love relationships

2. Crescent Moon. It symbolizes the period of growth and is full of positive energy. Take advantage of it to arrange the first date with that person with whom you have made contact during the new moon. Date your meeting, decide for a yes, because you have the best vibrations of the lunar cycle for this story. But wait a few days before materializing your expectations.

The crescent moon positively influences life as a couple. It is the right time to practice communication, to stand up to problems or to ratify that bond or commitment you have. Because all that effort you make in your relationship during the crescent moon will go to more, it will pay off.
The power of the full moon in your love relationships

3. Full moon. Although going out to see the full moon is one of the best plans for couples, its symbolism is that of statism. An incipient relationship will not grow during the full moon, but now is the time, for example, to resolve the outcome of that date with your first time in sex by putting the full moon as a witness.

A consolidated relationship can be stagnant during the full moon. It is the moment when the routine or inertia can gain ground and win the game. The moves you can make during this phase are few, but you can always stay firm in your decisions, whatever they are.
The power of the waning moon in your love relationships

4. Waning Crescent. It symbolizes a kind of end of cycle in which we will pick up what we have sown throughout the lunar cycle. That roll you’ve known in this cycle, will it stay on a roll or will it become a relationship? It is the decisive moment to discover it. But finish as the story ends, remember that nature is wise.

And what can couples do during the waning moon? The same, that is, to reap the fruits of their effort and consolidate themselves as a happy and stable couple or, on the contrary, be aware that the relationship has no future and break. In any case, the waning moon is the ideal time to look back and see what we have achieved, for better or for worse.


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