Police Who Killed Nairobi’s ‘Pretty’ Gangster Revealed

Gaza and Super Power are one of the most famous killer gangs which operate in Nairobi’s Eastlands.

Mwane Sparta

These groups, among many other are largely formed by young Nairobians with an average age between 15-20 years old.

What even shocks many, is the fact that the gangs are made of female members who are as ruthless as their male counterparts- ready to kill for their daily ‘bread’.

However, police have been hunting them down by use of extra-judicial killings hugely supported by the community around.

The police  known by their social media account Hessy wa Kayole and Hessy wa Dandora usually warn the crime suspects, if they don’t conform, they are usually found in a pool of blood after their shooting.

BBC followed the faces of these mysterious police force under the documentary dubbed ‘Kenya’s Killer Gangster Cop’

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