Quarantine Pregnancies – 12 Kenyan Celebs Expecting Babies In 2020

The year 2020 would go down as one of the worst for many if not all.

But as they always say, you should be nerd enough to make lemonades out of lemons

To some , this year will be remembered as the year they received or they were blessed with their first borns.

Here are Kenyan celebs expecting or already have been blessed with babies

Comedian Mammito

Commedian Mammito is one of the many celebs expecting in this COVID-19 pandemic 2020.

This came during her announcement that she was really pregnant .

Well, it is now obvious that Mammito and fellow comedian Eddie Butita will be new parents

The two however, have never come out in public to announce that they were dating

Mammito’s Post

Butita’s post

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@eddiebutita hints @mammitoeunice is pregnant

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Karen Nyamu

Former Nairobi Women Rep Aspirant Karen Nyamu has announced that she is expectant.

The bubbly businesswoman who is now serving as Governor Sonko’s Agriculture Minister, flaunted her big baby belly on internet, sparking off congratulation messages from her friends and fans

Congratulation messages and reactions

Grace Msalame

Mother of twins Grace Msalame is expecting her third child.

Her baby pump which is about six months, can be easily seen in her clothes.

Grace announced the good news on Twitter.

Grace is a mother of beautiful twins whom she co-parents with her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu.

Corazon Kwamboka

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her boyfriend Frank Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym welcomed their new born in 2020 during the month of August on the third day of the month.

The baby who is now named as Tayari, came though the C-Section procedure.

“During the whole of Sunday baby didn’t move, the baby didn’t Kick. He wasn’t active. I didn’t want her to panic, she was kinda panicking, you know it’s her first pregnancy and she has been through endometriosis. So little signs that anything is wrong scares her,” Frankie said.

It all started on Sunday 2nd, when the couple went to the hospital to ensure all was right .

“The baby was kicking but her BP was high, I have been measuring her BP for the past three to four days and its been quite on the higher side and that is not a good thing with pregnant ladies.”

On Monday 3rd, they went back to the hospital because the baby was not kicking, and according the specialist at the health facility, the baby had to come out through the C-SECTION.

“The specialist said the baby had to come out. They were worried about the mother because the blood pressure was high.” Frankie said.

Corazon’s baby arrived safe and sound despite being a victim of endometriosis

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Taiyari 🖤👑

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Anerlisa Mungai

After dismissing the romours of their love triangle, Anerlisa and Ben Pol mean business in marriage.

And sooner than later, Anerlisa announced her pregnancy news in September 2020


YouTuber Miss Tiramisu and fitness enthusiast Shiv will be havin their second born soon.

The couple took to social media to share their baby news with the world saying, “Nervous, Excited, Scared…But mostly happy, blessed and praying for the best!”

Jacqy Tina

Kenyan actress and the mother of two will be welcoming her bundle of joy as per her social media news

Jacky Tina shared …

“You never understand life until it grows inside of you,” the Mother-in-Law actress shared her baby news. 

Mother-In-Law actress Jacky Tina is expecting her second born.

Th actress has been posting a series of photos on her Instagram timeline.

The cousin to another Mother-In-Law Actress Kate Kamua, will be testing motherhood for the second time and no doubt it seems this is a boy.


Sheila Ndinda

The You Tuber, though secretive of her partner, she is also heavily pregnant

Naomi Wamboe

Naomi and her sister former Miss Kenya USA Angela Muiruri, who relocated to Kenya from USA, Naomi announced good news for her fans .

“Baby K on da way. Thank you for all the love on my announcement video. So blessed to start this new journey.”


Art director Siteiya is expecting a son moments after their wedding and honeymoon

Can’t wait to meet this one… Blessed to carry a little blessing yet again.”

Chef Ali

Chef Ali is staying ready for a baby as his wife Dija is set to deliver soon.

“Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the new love of my life, InshaAllah A new adventure is about to begin Can’t wait” She said

Quite unconventional, Chef Ali mentioned that they were ready for baby regardless of gender and would not be keen to know it before birth.

“We pray for a healthy baby we don’t mind any gender we are blessed with, be it a Girl or a Boy we shall welcome with great joy…we usually don’t even check gender during baby scans we love the surprise.”

Sauti Sol and Lady Mandy

Sauti Sol and Lady Mandy are up for grabbing their first born soon.

Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers, and his wife Lady Mandy will be receiving their bundles of joy soon

Sauti Sol’s member Polycarp shared photo of huge bulging baby bump of his wife indicating that the baby is on board and very near.

The Burudian Lady Mandy and Polycarp got hitched back in 2018 despite having been in a relationship close to seven years.

Their union was sealed via a traditional wedding held in Burundi.

Lady Mandy is a famous stylist who has worked with Amina Abdi, Kalekye Mumo, Mercy Masika and Janet Mbugua.

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She’s a QUEEN. So SUPREME. 👶🏾

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