Radio Citizen Crew Entertain Revelers At Tom Mboya Labour College

Yesterday Kisumu party-goers were served with a menu rich in Rhumba music from their favorite Radio Citizen presenters and radio hosts.

The thrilling event held at the centre of Kisumu city went down courtesy of Tom Mboya College- overlooking the beautiful Lake Victoria shores.

The event went live from 6PM in the evening of 13th July all the way to the morning of 14th on Saturday with only sh.300 from celebrators pockets.

Inspekta Mwala, Jerida Andayi, Mzazi Willy Mtuva and Abdi were among the party hosts from Radio Citizen Crew.

Kisumu is one of the cities which enjoy a high number of Rhumba lovers across the country.

As the residents were entertained besides mingling with their favorite presenters, Radio Citizen under the umbrella of Royal Media Services got a rare chance to penetrate and spread their waves on potential listeners within the area.

On many occasions, media firms champion road shows for the purpose of marketing their programs and services to their targeted customers

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