Reasons Nation Journalist Could Have ‘Planted’ Sharon Otieno For Murder

The first accounts of kidnapping came straight from Migori County via Nation Journalist Barrack Odour. Before Sharon Otieno was murdered and dumped in a bush thicket, it was a story rather related to press intimidation and oppression.

Sooner, the course changed totally after Sharon was found dead. Especially when the allegations pinning down Migori governor Okoth Obado to have been in love triangle with the deceased.

Earlier reports had vindicated Sharon’s murder in close hands of Barrack- who jumped out of a moving car, leaving Sharon at the cruelty of her murderers.

A theory has been found under the flaws of Barrack’s revelations before murder. And one such believer is controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna.

He believes that the reporter would not have managed to escape and jump of from a car moving at 100Km/h.

He also questions on Why Barrack was able to escape from the hands of his abductors based on his account that he had been sandwiched between them.




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