Nameless Puzzled By Wahu’s Pregnancy

Singers Wahu and Nameless just had their 13th wedding anniversary. Then all over sudden 3rd born speculations were born from no where else rather than from the parents to two girls Tumiso and Nyakio aged 12 and 5 respectively

To a much bigger surprise, Nameless cannot solve the puzzle of whether Wahu is pregnant or not.

“Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her everyday but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.

“I don’t really know (if she’s pregnant) but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try balance and put family matters away from the media,” said Nameless.




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