Reasons Why Men Don’t Forgive Unfaithful Women

Maybe the relationship with your partner is the perfect romance and seems immune to the temptations of infidelity.

But if one does not want to be unfaithful, it is best to recognize that the possibility of infidelity is natural.

The idealization that it is enough to love your partner to be safe from infidelity is a movie story and there are many women who maintain a wonderful relationship and, however, are infidels.

But be careful if you want to confess that you were unfaithful. Knowing the infidelity of the couple, causes commotion in both sexes; However, for men this is more painful because of the patterns that mark the sexist stereotypes.

For no one is that a secret that, socially, it is more accepted that men deceive women. And when a man feels the pain of being cheated, he has a hard time overcoming and forgiving her.

The problem is that women and men do not react equally to the discovery of infidelity. Historically, women are accustomed to forgive, to yield, to tolerate, to turn to blind eye .

Men, in general, tend to make a quick decision of separation: they are offended, their famous manhood is attacked, and it is more than his machismo. Therefore, before telling the truth, you know all its consequences because of men, in general, never forgive the unfaithful woman.

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