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Safaricom Hit With New Bundle And Airtime Heist

On 23rd October very early in the morning, not so unforgiving Kenyans feasted on Safaricom’s mammoth bundles and airtime.

The Safaricom hitch likely occurred on the dawn of Wednesday, and it is not known what might have caused the problem.

But what we know at YVK, Kenyan Safaricom subscribers could buy almost millions worth airtime and bundles for free buy just dialing *544# and then a ‘miracle’ happened.

The ‘good news’ spread so fast like a wild fire, and buy the time Safaricom managed the situation later in the late morning, they had made great losses.

A very similar case happened in June, exactly on 28th in the morning: and Kenyans being Kenyans, did the expected before the matter was addressed.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter.

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