Satanic Temple Unveil ‘Devil’ Looking Monument

In an act of protest in favor of freedom of religion, members of a satanic temple in the United States placed a huge bronze statue of “Baphomet”, a creature with a head of goat and wings, in front of the Capitol in Arkansas .

VIDEO.  Huge Satanic statue causes controversy and outrage in Arkansas

Some 150 people, including Satanists, atheists and Christians, attended the act in defense of the First Amendment of the Constitution of USA (which guarantees freedom of religion), and demanded, at the same time, the withdrawal of the monument of the “Ten Commandments” and installed in that place.

“If you are going to have a religious monument then (the site) should be open to others, and if you do not agree, then we should not have any,” said Ivy Forrester, co-founder of Satanic Arkansas and organizer of the protest.

The monument of the “Ten Commandments” was sponsored by Republican Senator Jason Rapert, and was placed last year

Satanic statue in Arkansas

After a short time in the place, the satanic statue was removed by the organizers themselves, aware that it could not remain there by a state law that requires sponsorship of the legislation for the approval of any monument.

About the event, Senator Rapert spoke on social networks and called the demonstrators “extremists.” “Hell will freeze before we are forced to permanently install an offensive statue on the grounds of the Capitol,” he said.

The demonstration, which was peaceful, had a considerable police presence.

Statement of Sen. Jason Rapert in Response to Scheduled Protests Against the Ten Commandments Monument August 16,…

Posted by Sen. Jason Rapert on Thursday, August 16, 2018

A small group of people also made an appearance to protest against the Satanists, interpreting Christian chants and carrying posters in which verses of the Bible were read.



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