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Self Improvement Before Dating

If you are looking into dating, there is something missing in your life. Before you start with looking for someone to date, make sure your own house is in order. One of the most attractive attributes on any person is self-confidence. Here’s some tips to make yourself the best you can be, for that someone special, but mostly for you.


  1. If you smoke, QUIT!
  2. Be positive. Focus on and emphasize your assets, not what’s wrong with you. Work on your negative traits.
  3. Identify your ideal persona. What’s your ideal self like? Picture him/her in your mind, then write down all the traits of your ideal persona. Then, start living true to your ideal self.
  4. Be Accepting of differences
  5. Be Compassionate / Kind
  6. Be Confident
  7. Be Courteous. Practice good etiquette. Always remember your “hi”s, “bye”s, “thank you”s and “welcome”s.
  8. Be Dependable. Be there for others when they need you.
  9. Be Fair.
  10. Be Friendly / Approachable.
  11. Be Generous.
  12. Be Gentle
  13. Be Honest.
  14. Be Humble
  15. Be Independent. Learn to manage your life.
  16. Be Individualistic. Always be you – don’t try to be anyone else.
  17. Have Integrity. Set your moral and ethical principles and stick to them. Never compromise on them no matter what.
  18. Be a Listener. For today, make a point to listen to what others around you are saying. Ask questions.
  19. Embrace Love. Be a beacon of love. Start by loving everyone around you.
  20. Love unconditionally. The highest form of love is unconditional love, where you love others without expecting anything in return.
  21. Be Loyal / Faithful. To the people that you care for, to the values that you stand for, to the things that you believe in.
  22. Be Organized. The state of your life now reflects how organized you are. If everything is constantly in a mess,
  23. Be Patient. Impatience breeds anxiety; Patience brings calmness.
  24. Be Respectful. Treat everyone with utmost respect, because every living being deserves that.
  25. Take Responsibility. Live up to your responsibilities.   Be Self-Loving.
  26. Be Sensitive… to others’ needs and feelings. Always check to make sure you’re not neglecting anyone.
  27. Be Sincere / Genuine. Speak from the heart, always. Don’t say something unless you mean it. One of my core values is authenticity – I only say things that I mean, and never say things if I don’t believe in them.
  28. Be Spontaneous. Be uninhibited! Allow yourself to act freely, without restrictions. Not everything has to adhere to a plan all the time. Allow yourself to just go with the flow. 
  29. Be Trustworthy. Always honor your commitments and uphold your promises. If you make an agreement with someone, be sure to stick through to it.
  30. Be Understanding. Learn to comprehend things from others’ perspective. A common understanding is needed for relationships to be build on.
  31. Be Vulnerable. Sharing our vulnerabilities is what gives us the greatest strength as humans.



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