Should Qualifications You Didn’t Complete Go On Your CV?

It is not so difficult to find yourself in a situation where by you want to put a course you did not complete or not planning to complete on your CV.

In such a situation, one tries to find the hardest wood on the fence before making a decision .

Here is what you should do, according to Phiona Martin, a career coach from South Africa

Yes if only

  1. The qualification is relevant to what you are applying
  2. You have gone halfway past the course
  3. If leaving the qualification creates unexplained gap in your CV
  4. You have no any other qualification on your name

No if

  1. You do not have a good reason for not completing, since it may create a bad image on your habi
  2. The qualification isn’t relevant to what you are applying
  3. You completed another course which is higher than the incomplete one

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