Suzzana Owiyo ‘Killed’ And ‘Resurrected’ By Social Media

Afro-fusion mama Suzzana Owiyo joined local showbiz bigwigs Maina Kageni, Jaguar, Churchill, Leonard Mambo Mbotela among the causalities of internet death.

Yesterday her fans began moaning on internet after fake news went viral that she had died. Apparently she did not and the news about her death found her live and kicking.

So she decided to ‘resurrect’ her dead body which was lying lifeless on social media with a saddening post.

“Very sad indeed! Apparently am dead somewhere! Thank you for Killing me. People can be sooo mean,” she posted.

Some of the celebrity deaths are generated by malicious bloggers who are seeking quick and cheap traffic from unsuspecting internet users in Kenya

Suzanna Owiyo



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