Here Is Why Taking Beer While Learning A New Language Is Recommended By Doctors

If you have the “tickle” of learning a language, in addition to what you apply with everything in your classes, doctors recommend you take a daily beer! German study has revealed.

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A beer to “loosens” your tongue

The participants were 50 German speakers who were beginning their learning of Dutch. Each one was given a drink, to then have a conversation with a stranger in Dutch.

Half of the volunteers received a jar of beer with 5% alcohol, while the others took a non-alcoholic beverage. After a while, 2 native Dutch qualified everyone’s oral abilities, not knowing who had drunk alcohol and who did not.

In the results it was found that those who drank beer had a better performance than those who did not drink alcohol. The most remarkable point is that the native Dutch qualified with better pronunciation those who drank beer.

The self-perception was not modified

Although for the receiver, moderate alcohol consumption was an ally to understand his interlocutor, at the time of rating their own skills, the participants did not consider that they would have had a better performance. That is, self-perception was not affected by alcohol.

By analyzing the results, it is believed that alcohol increases self-confidence and reduces social anxiety. However, it is important to note that the dose was very low and that in excess these beneficial effects have not been detected.



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