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Telkom Finds Best Way To Troll Airtel And Safaricom In One Advert

The recent social media silent war between Airtel and Safaricom has gained another competitor from Telkom Kenya.

Over the past week, Safaricom and Airtel have been at war with each other using hilarious memes and trolls.

It was all started with Airtel, who used controversial colours tied to Safaricom to advise and bank on their downfalls.

Airtel, claimed that Safaricom services are poor in terms of getting less for what customers pay

In reply, Safaricom claimed that Airtel had poor network, when they used two batteries with one in red looking depleted with power

And the latest entrant is Telkom, who used just a single advert to bring down the two communication giants in Kenya.

In their advert, Telkom are running an offer that allows their user to call through the rival networks with few coins compared to the other networks.

Helping you keep up with the convo 😉

Posted by Telkom Kenya on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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