Tell Us How You Sleep And We Will Tell You How Long Your Relationship Will Last

I wish we had a crystal ball to know if that relationship of couple you are living has a future or not. Although we still do not have the gift of divination, we can predict in general terms whether it is a relationship with a future or not. How?

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In addition to some signs that we observe in behavior, we can also look at you when you sleep. Yes, the way you sleep together says a lot about your relationship and we know how to interpret it.

The way you sleep together says a lot about your relationship

How do you sleep with your partner? Surely when you go to bed you are embraced and you may be fans of the teaspoon, especially if you are starting the relationship. Surely also when you go to bed angry after an argument, you turn your back and try not to touch yourself. True?

Well, but to know if your relationship has a future or not, we do not have to look at the position in which you lie, but in which you wake up. Because, after all, the movements that your bodies make when you are asleep, are those that reveal your true intentions. So try to remember in what position you wake up with your partner.

Face to face

That you wake up face to face indicates a lot of trust in the couple. You show yourself as you are without fear, without masks and without armor. After all, why would you be afraid to show yourself to the person who loves you? Without a doubt it is one of the positions that better future predict the relationship.

The teaspoon

The position of the teaspoon is the most romantic and is the most used at the beginning of the night, but not all the couples arrive at dawn in this position. Reflects love, harmony in the couple and trust in the other, although we must be careful with the protective instinct of the person who hugs. In most cases, waking up in the posture of the teaspoon is a sign of a happy, empathetic and lasting couple.

On your back without touching you

You wake up on your back, with your bodies separated without touching you. It is a position that does not promise a future together because you understand independence incompatible with a relationship. In reality, you do not have to give up your independence as a couple, but that is something that you have not yet discovered with the person you are with.

 From the back with contact

That secret of maintaining your independence and your own space also as a couple you will discover the day you wake up with your back to your partner but with some part of your body in contact, maybe a hand, feet or with your back together. The future is yours because you live a healthy relationship.

Separated with joined feet

Your bodies may not touch upon awakening. You may sleep on your back and the other on your side, but look at your feet because it is the part of the body that has the most unconscious activity. If your feet are intertwined it is because there is commitment on both sides.



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