This Is Why You Physically Look Like Your Partner

If you have ever been told that your partner seems to be your brother more than your boyfriend, I have a scientific explanation. Couples are physically similar.

The first thing that attracts you when you see a person is some physical feature.

They can be the eyes, the lips, the nose or it can also be some sign of expression like the smile, the look or some gesture.

For this reason men choose women similar to their mom

The main reason is because you identify yourself somewhere physically with that person. It is as if there was a genetic intention to choose people.

Robert Zajonc, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, conducted a study where you had to select a person in a series of photographs.

Some of them were retouched with features of the person studied.

The results were that the person studied chose the most attractive one to which he was retouched with his own traits.

Selective mating is called to look for a partner who gives us children similar to us.

Other research conducted by the University of Michigan, reveals that couples having so much coexistence adopted attitudes and imitate behaviors of the other.

This is called social facilitation. It refers to the influence of the other person’s behavior on you.

So you know, if you physically look like your partner, it’s because you chose it that way

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