5 Natural Remedies Of Facial Blackheads

Among the most common aesthetic problems that women face are blackheads, which are located mainly in the area of ​​the face: forehead, nose and chin.

These are dead cells that mix with the sebum of the face and their dark appearance is due to an oxidation effect.

Although most believe they are the result of acne, blackheads are often formed by having a fatty complexion.

To combat this problem and show off a face free of imperfections, YVK provides 5 tricks to achieve them.

  1. Cleaning.

It is imperative that you maintain a constant routine of cleanliness, both day and night. Expired cosmetics, excessive sweating in the gym and not removing makeup, are factors that contribute to the appearance of more black spots.

  1. Steam.

The best time to remove them is after a steam bath. Every three days used this homemade way of opening the pores of the face boils water with chamomile or rosemary, places the face at a distance where the steam reaches the face. Once this is done, black dots are removed by pressing the affected area.

  1. Tomato

To get rid of the black spots to tomato in half and rub it on the area with impurities. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and then clean it with warm water.

  1. Mask.

The clay helps remove impurities from the skin and in this way helps the pores look thinner. It also nourishes the skin because it contains minerals.

  1. Prevention

It does not do any good if you have eliminated them but continue with your routine.

The black spots may return in days or weeks, so it is a struggle. You should try to keep your pores clean and “close” them with astringent tonics or cold water showers (very hot water opens them).

Remember, true beauty is in the interior and is what you project to others. Always try to maintain balance between physical and emotional health.

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