Top 10 Instagramable Evening Attractions In Nairobi

The capital of Kenya Nairobi is very amazing during the day and also very adorable during the afternoon but it becomes more attractive when the sun sets and artificial lights are switched on to illuminate the buzzing city

The beauty of Nairobi at night can not be exaggerated. The millions of mixture of lights literally turn the metropolis into a futuristic town portrayed in the movies and models

And if you need Instragram photos, this is what you need.


Kenya’s top notch tourist attraction site lights to a spectacular scenery during Nairobi nights

The tower is based in Nairobi’s CBD

Garden City Mall

Based along Thika Road, Garden City is a dream destination for many Instagramers in Nairobi.

The high end mall is a key feature if you want to stand out in Nairobi at night

Nairobi Uptown CBD

Beautiful shops, hotels and amazing outlets with cars will light up your photos awesomely

Visit Nairobi uptown and you will not be let down

Matatu Graffiti

One can not afford to ignore or forget the beautiful scenarios created by well choreographed matatu graffitis.

But just keep admiring another source of Nairobi’s beauty.

Britam Tower

The tower always lights up to commuters and travelers along Mombasa road

Two Rivers Mall

Another high end mall based in Nairobi, still new and very marvelous

Thika Road

Kenya’s masterpiece road work is also a moment of beauty when the night falls.

Take a look at it

Mombasa Road

Who can ignore Mombasa road, that links Kenya’s largest part to mainland.

A source of beauty of light in the night


Times Towers

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