Top 10 Kenyan Comedians With Their Adorable Kids

Contrary to the beliefs of their fans, Kenyan comedians have a serious life outside their artistic industry.

Some are married, in relationship and already others have already been blessed with kids.

The kids, are so adorable and cute . The faces of kids below do not lie.

1.Dr. King’ori.

The host of NTV show known as Dr. King’ori, a comical show has a cute wife and a beautiful first born to admire.

The comedian has not been shy to show off the face of his new born.

Despite his wife being a Muslim, they managed to find a common ground of boundless love

King’ori now has two kids, all of them very adorable cute girls

2.Comedian Njuguna

Njuguna aka Timothy Njuguna welcomed their first born baby in early 2018 with wife Celestine Ndinda.

From his first post, he was more than delighted.

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Hi boy boy…..i hope im not too late, kwanza wacha nikupe mushene….there is this lady , i hear the call her mama wa kavitz….i promise you are the 1st born..can cheat can lie, vitz sio mtoto wake…now sina time kabla you decide to KO (by the way hapa itabidi tuskizane, sitakua nikiwacha mwanaume kwa kitanda,tutoke tupigwe na baridi sote nkt) now now i see you already talked with your mother about who you gonna take after okay ata siskii vibaya ati youve taken after her good looks..(tears) yaani huwezi pata mahali unifix ata kama ni hii mapua yangu……i know its not late. I've realised you smile alot….that means your laughter nikama ya mama kavitz (mschwees) Your heart seems as clean n kind as your mother's…please i beg ongeeni mnifix mahali ata kama ni hii kiherehere yangu utachukua priiiis…. Hi wewe!! Weweeee (slaps knees) yani ulishalala nkt….haya basi ukiamka il tell you how your mum is my number one Cheerleader…il also squeez in about how genuine and deliberate she is….also well have bilateral talks of how true she has been over the years……and please usome so that you go to a good Uni where they not only give the best education but have wholesomely sexxy women like your mum, ill take you through a course i call ponyoka na first year……….haya basi fix me somewhere!!!!!!!! #ifikiemamayake Alafu hii picha ni ya deni utalipa @edwinnganga @edwinjoephotography ukianza mjengo next year

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3.MC Jessy

Churchill show comedian has been so mean with his marriage life.

Apart from hiding the photos of his wife, he has only managed to share a photo of his grown up son

He proves that comedy is not always a joke.


Aka known as Eric Kariuki, got his bundle of joy back in 2018 December.

He named the baby boy Kyle probably because he was on a US tour.

Karis is in a relationship with a lady only identified as Mutheu whom they reside in Kiambu environs


Stella Koitie popularly known as Jemutai  is a mother to a cute baby. Besides she says she is also married.

However she keeps that to herself on many occasions .

She once dismissed claims that she was dating fellow comedian Prof. Hamo

I am in a serious relationship with someone who is not in the limelight. Professor Hamo is not my baby daddy. Such stories can destroy a family. He helps me a lot with my comedy and we work together, that is why we are always seen together but we are not dating,” Jemutai told a local news outlet.


House-help of Kawangware comedian Awiti, with her cute and adorable daughter.

Awiti got her baby, some more years ago.



Real name Daisy Netia is married to Justus Netia.

She unveiled photo of her big boy after a very long wait


Awinja is a mother and a married wife with a big grown up boy called Mosi.

β€œAnd I thank the most high for his guidance through this motherhood journey HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSI . I love you so much! I remember we had not chosen any name by the time he was born and since he was born on Saturday, his Dad suggested MOSi from jumamosi or One how cute! And yes you can call me Mama Mosi. Salute to all parents, its not not easy but best job ever,’’ she posted.


Jalang’o has two daughter from different baby mothers.

One known baby mother is famous  Cheptoek Boyo whom they parted ways

Erick Omondi

Citizen TV anchor Jacky Maribe and Churchill Show comedian Erick Omondi came clean about a son they have in common.

The ex-lover revealed these news to confirm the wide spread romours over the son in question.

The little boy was graduating in lower level grade.

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