Top 10 Paid Internships To Apply Before End Of July 2020

Even though Kenya is facing huge cases of unemployment brought about by COVID-19, companies are beginning to open up after President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the ban on movement of cessation in Kneya.

In the month of July, we have seen more and alot opportunities arising for internships both from government sector and private entities.

Here are open paid internships in the month of July

  1. Internship Opportunity At Kenya Wildlife Trust
  2. Internship Opportunity Open At Ol Pejeta
  3. Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) Internship Trainee Programme Open
  4. Internship Opportunity Open At Watu Credit
  5. Graduate Internship Open At Tetra Pak Kenya
  6. Internship Opportunities Under National Hygiene Program (Kazi Mtaani)
  7. Internship Opportunity At KNBS
  8. Kazi Mtaani Internship Programme
  9. Internship Opportunity At SFCG
  10. Public Service Paid Internship Programme Still Open- 6000 Vacancies

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