Twitter Blocks Kenyan Faithful After Prayer Request From Pope Francis

Twitter social application is run by hordes of related algorithm meant to improve the users experience.

Among those programs or set of codes it follows, is a key security feature to safeguard and protect interests of other users.

However accurate it may be lauded, Twitter accepts that since it is not a human, it is bound to fail. But when it fails in such cases, users are usually advised to appeal for another fair trial.

A Kenyan faithful got a fair share of Twitter system break down when he requested to be prayed upon by Catholic Church Pope Francis.

The believer says that Twitter handed a direct block with a follow-up of a security check on the suspended account.

Twitter may have thought the account was stalking the pope who has been in controversial news since his tenure.

High profile accounts are usually classified with much caution since they are prone to hacking or rather stalking.



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