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Video- Jalong’o , Jeff Hit Up On Each Other With ‘Stupid’ Insults After Separation

Moments after Jalang’o left Jeff Koinange at Hot 96 FM to team up with his old mate Alex Mwakideu at Radio Maisha, seems things have openly fallen out between the two great radio presenters.

Jeff Koinange (left) with singer Amani and co-host Jalang'o. PHOTO | COURTESY

A video showing the two inside their radio station conversing over the recent heated debate on the burning of schools turned nasty after they could not agree rather turned the matter personal.

Jeff says

“May be they have a WhatsApp group where they plan these things.”

Jalang’o responds:

“Tuchome hii tuchome hii.”

He adds,

“There’s no time we burned a school because we feared exams.”

Jokingly Jeff responds

“Because you were stupid.”

Jalas however fails to notice the joke in the statement

“No, don’t use that word on me again. That’s the last time.”

“Don’t click by the way.” (he responds once Jeff clicks)

Jeff is rather shocked

What again!

But Jalas is not joking even then

“Don’t click again.

Jeff is determined not to lose the dirty game despite the fact Jalas is agitated and not happy, Jeff clicks on…

Watch the video below

Click here for the video

Jalang’o made his own styled and personal  history at the beginning of July 2018 when he emceed at Sauti Kuu project in K’ogelo attended by ex US president Barack Obama


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