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What Is Instagram TV And How Can I Use To Make Money ?

In addition to sharing photos, the giant Instagram launched a new application called IGTV. If you are a frequent user of the Instagram social network, you’ve already noticed a tiny purple and orange pop-up and asked what’s new.

IGTV, short for Instagram TV, was created specifically for short videos in portrait mode. Instagram also supports videos, but with a shorter and more restricted duration. On IGTV, videos can last up to 10 minutes (and for certain accounts, an hour).

Much like YouTube, IGTV is made for longer videos, more specifically for those shot vertically, the natural way in which we hold the phone.

To date, there are no updates on filters or texts available in the application to be published and found in the phone’s library. In this way, creators can easily and naturally invent an unfiltered look in their lives. To make the most of IGTV, it can also be used to streamline teaching and make it more fun.

3 Ways to Make the Best Use of Instagram’s IGTV Application:

1- Vlog

Would you like to be a vlogger dedicated to teaching, but never wanted to skip editing? So this new Instagram tool could be the solution. Try recording a video in portrait mode on your phone and posting it directly to IGTV. You will be able to record comfortably in this position and make it easy to transmit the teachings to your students via video.

2- Tutorials of the most diverse subjects

The IGTV right may be the place for any teacher who wanted to make mini tutorials for their students. Hold your phone vertically and press the red button to record some illustrative elements that can then be shown on the classroom projector. Just upload directly. The length of the video will allow for more details than in Instagram.

3- Humor

Can you always find humor in the little things that happen in your daily life? Then, pull out of your phone, start recording and add some of your comments to the action that may be related to the subjects being taught. Make classes more fun. In a matter of minutes, your students will see and appreciate your sense of humor.

The IGTV comes as a separate application to be downloaded, but can be navigated directly from Instagram.

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