Whatsapp To Introduce A New Feature In Their Next Update Release

Today WhatsApp is the most popular communication tool in the world, so much so that even the grannies or people of the third already use it to send messages and good wishes to all the relatives of their contact list.

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However, it is also very true that WhatsApp is by far not the best instant messaging application on the market and proof of it is its web version, use in various devices and application settings. Even with all this there is a problem that afflicts any service of its kind, and apparently WhatsApp will be the first to solve it, it is the change of number of our contacts.

Changing numbers has been a practice less and less popular among users in Kenya and other parts of the world thanks to the number portability, even with this there is always the possibility of wanting to start from scratch with a new number for personal or work reasons.

Doing the number change process is really simple in WhatsApp and other similar applications, the problem is that our contacts will no longer appear our name as an option to talk, unless we notify them of our new number and in turn update their list Contacts so you can keep in touch with them.

To avoid this problem WhatsApp works in a function that allows to notify our agenda of contacts that we have changed of number and show the new one so that they can update our information and we do not have any type of problem, this function will also allow to choose if we want to notify all our Contacts or just the chats we have open, so we will avoid giving the new number to a user that we no longer want to have a way to communicate with us.

This new feature will be available in future Beta versions of the application and after that will be released for any iOS and Android users.

As we can read this is not a function that users scream, but it will help make the process more comfortable when updating the numbers of our contacts.

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