WhatsApp Valentine Message That Will Distract Your Partners Attention Today

It is almost inevitable that couple relationships will cool down over time, but it is a problem with easy solution. In order to take care of the relationship one can not only be aware of the sentimental aspect, also of the sexual aspect. We have some ideas of messages that raise the temperature by Whatsapp, but only for your partner.

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Many times we have accused Whatsapp and social networks of wreaking havoc in the relationship, but the truth is that if you give it the right use, Whatsapp can also revitalize a couple with just a message. Now imagine that you send your boyfriend this message to work: ‘This afternoon we have an appointment and your clothes are not invited’.

And then imagine how the couple will be when they get home. Talking about getting home after a hard day at work. ‘I can not wait to do the things I’m thinking.’ With this message changes the perspective of the whole week, the day and day becomes less uphill and, better, your partner is aware that the passion has not been turned off.

It is true that after a while the couples go through a break in the sexual terrain, but that is the daily effort that is so much talked about. Safeguarding the spark and raising the temperature is as simple as sending an unexpected Whatsapp ‘Today I feel like doing everything you can imagine.’ And I do not even need to answer you.

We must clarify that the benefits of sexting or sending high-pitched messages can come down if the sending occurs to the wrong person. We mean with that to send a photo with your sexiest lingerie followed by a ‘Bored on the couch, come?’ You can not send it to that guy you just met in Tinder.

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