Why Everyone Is Having A Cold Flu Yet Is Not Cold Season

Surely you think that colds and flu occur only in cold season; But the truth is that it is not like that. Many of patients begin to feel discomfort also in the rainy seasons , and sometimes we might confuse them with allergies.

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In case of not being, it is very important that we attend as soon as possible, but why does the flu in the rainy season?

Why do I get sick if it’s not cold?

Let me tell you that the cold is not exactly the culprit that you get sick of the respiratory tract.

The flu in rains is mainly due to the change in temperature, and is infected by a virus through sneezing or cough, mainly.

You will not let me lie, just at this time when the temperature begins to rise; However, at night it is still not hot, and you might even feel a little fresh air which affects the respiratory tract.

If we add to this that sometimes the rain can surprise us, then you will understand that these changes in temperatures, often abrupt, are the main causes of the flu that affect us.

What are the two most annoying symptoms of the flu?

Undoubtedly the muscle pain, headache and nasal congestion. And to highlight them is Sensibit D, which does it without producing sleep!

  • Control fever
  • Reduces pain
  • Eliminates the feeling of cut body
  • Calm sneezing
  • Reduces the nasal flow
  • Reliefs watery eyes

That is, it eliminates all the hassles, check it yourself! Sensibit D comes in different presentations, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

So, if you thought the flu could only give you in the cold season, you were wrong, the first one is more common than you think.

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