Why Light Skinned Persons Have Blue Veins

Surely a question you’ve ever asked yourself, why are the veins blue, if the blood is red. It is not something that makes you lose sleep, but yes, many of you have asked for it.

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According to a study published by the University of British Columbia, Canada, it reveals that the veins are blue due to an optical effect produced by the skin.

This happens only when the veins are located 0.5 mm below the skin. The white light that is formed by means of all the colors penetrates deeply and produces that bluish effect.

Therefore, the thinner skin, the more blue the tone of your veins.

According to angiologists (specialists in veins and arteries), the blood circulating in the veins is more than blood circulating in the arteries, with the exception of the lungs. This is because it contains less oxygen.

Facts about blood

  • Blood has gold: according to scientists, the blood contains 0.2 milligrams of gold.
  • Pregnant women have more blood: during pregnancy, blood production increases by up to 50%.
  • Diet type of blood: there is a diet that favors each individual depending on their blood type.
  • Donate blood can save lives: Data from the WHO, ensure that a blood donor can save up to 7 lives.
  • Approximately 7,200 liters of blood circulate daily through our blood vessels.

Tips to improve circulation:

  • Practice cardiovascular activity 30 minutes a day
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Reduces fat intake to regulate blood blood
  • This will improve your circulation and avoid health problems

Now you know why the blue sky, even in some people may have a shade between blue and green, but it is for the same optical effect that we mentioned earlier.



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