Why Job-Hunting Men Age Faster Than Women

According to an investigation of Imperial College London in the United Kingdom and the University of Oulu, two years as unemployed is enough time for there to be an emotional and physical consequence; example of this is that men show a shortening of telomeres, age faster than women.

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Is it even for both sexes?

The research analyzed the genetic sequelae of long-term unemployment, which resulted in a shortening of telomeres; the structures that protect the ends of the chromosomes and predict the aging of a person. The shorter the telomeres, the more likely you are to suffer diseases related to aging.

However, for Leena Ala-Mursula, one of the authors of the study, the lack of work affects more the health of men, and this may be due to the fact that women remain in constant activity (home) even if they do not have a job in that job. moment

Being unemployed generates a negative effect on the emotions of men and women, a situation that damages self-esteem, but also genetics.

Remember, positive fitness is essential not only to find a job opportunity but to take care of your health.

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