Why Spitting On The Street Puts Your Health At Risk

Many people find it very easy to spit on the street, but more than being unhygienic, it can cause problems in your health, we show you the main reason.

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According to a study published by the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security), people who spit on the street, put at high risk the health of people, because it could spread the tuberculosis bacillus.

The tuberculosis is a bacterium (Basilus Koch) characterized by primarily attack of the lungs; Although it could also damage other parts of your body. This bacterium flows through the air and is highly contagious.


  1. Chronic cough
  2. Weakness or fatigue
  3. Difficulty breathing
  4. Night sweats
  5. Fever
  6. Phlegm (sometimes bloody)
  7. Shaking chills

It is spread through the air, therefore, sneezing, coughing or spitting are factors that can put at risk the health of others.

Having coughs with phlegm and spitting it on the ground is the worst thing we can do for the health of those around us, as we can involuntarily spread this disease to children

Tuberculosis is a disease that if caught early, can be cured, otherwise it could be lethal.

According to data from WHO (World Health Organization) since 2000, more than 49 million lives have been saved thanks to timely diagnosis and treatment.

Therefore, it is very important that when you have an episode of coughing with phlegm, you spit the phlegm into a disposable tissue and throw them into the garbage can or toilet; This way, you will avoid infecting people, be it tuberculosis or some type of influenza.

Besides being an act that is considered ‘bad’, spitting on the street could cause serious health problems in the population, take care of you, but also of others!



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